The Team Onboarding Checklist

This Team Onboarding Checklist is based that research with managers and new hires working in a wide variety of companies. Armed with what works and doesn’t for new hires, we created the Team Onboarding Checklist to help managers plan for new hire success.

The Valuing and Jerk Posters

These fabulous Character Posters will help you get started. We have six Honorable characters and six Jerk characters. You can get them individually or as a combined poster.  Use the posters to guide conversations about how you want to interact as a team! Find the behaviors you need to work on in yourself. Let’s be more encouraging!  

Creating Dynamic, Valuing Teams

In this blog, Karen discussed one of the key dimensions of the Women in Tech Framework that defines the critical aspects of daily life necessary to help women thrive and succeed in the high technology industry.

The Valuing and Jerk Project

Women often state, and our research confirms, that women don’t feel valued or heard. They say that men, managers, or teammates are “bro’s” or “jerks”. But what does this mean?

Managing Interpersonal Dynamics in Teams: What is Rude?

Managing Interpersonal Dynamics in Teams: What is Rude?

What is “rude” to one person may be perfectly acceptable to another. What is fine in the US Northeast may be rude in the South. What is rude in one country may be perfectly fine in another. So what is “rude” and how do we handle it on a diverse team?

What If I Had James Damore of Google on a Team?

What If I Had James Damore of Google on a Team?

Many have asked Karen to respond about the James Damore situation. So, she thought about a hypothetical: “What If I had James Damore of Google on a team?”

This blog is her answer, including techniques she’s employed successfully in the past.