People have been working remotely for years. Remote work has been studied for years. Many companies have global workers, so some remote work is inevitable. But that remote work involved co-located teams and individuals working with other co-located people. This is not what is happening today.

With the Pandemic, whole technology teams are now working remotely – whatever their location. Everyone is a square in a video screen. We spend our days online. No one in a meeting is co-located. Companies are allowing people to work remotely for the next year – and some are becoming remote companies. Everyone is using collaborative remote tools and virtual whiteboards – and our tools are so much better! Technology groups and the culture of daily life is undergoing a radical reinvention.

Is remote work good for women in tech and other underrepresented populations?

The Remote Work Op explores this question. We want to understand the impact of remote work on women in the Pandemic. We know from previous research that remote work can improve interactions for women – but we also know that existing bias will still impact work assignment, interactions, and perception of value. Does this new work context increase or decrease stereotyping, harassment, and coaching support? How does a remote work culture change the way co-workers interact? What are the best techniques for managing remote diverse teams? Since we are reinventing tech culture, let’s make it better for diverse team members. Then we can reap the kind of innovation diversity promises.

Volunteer Opportunity: Our qualitative data collection phase is over! Now we are looking for an expert in survey construction so that we can get a wider data sample and track changes as we move to new models of work. Leave a message: Volunteer

Collaborating Colleagues: Thanks to Nina Schloss for project managing this research effort. Thanks also to Lacey Arevalo, Aditi Shankar, Emily Carlson, Bradlee Sutherland and to my students at University of Maryland HCIM program.

Next Steps: See the overview of findings below. Next is a survey!

Donate:  This work is supported by a core team of volunteer researchers. To run a larger survey we need to hire a panel. Please help us cover our core costs .

Also see our initial work on remote work in these videos…
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