Let us help you ensure that the women in tech on your teams and in your organizations thrive. Our service solutions can help you understand what is happening in your organization and design practical interventions.

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Recruiting women is not enough if they do not stay. Retention depends on women’s daily experience with their teams, co-workers, and managers. Do they experience the work-life conditions in the @Work Experience Framework? Do they know what to do to be successful? Do they feel a part of a dynamic team up to something that matters? 

Karen Holtzblatt

Founder, WIT Ops

Talks & Presentation services

Organizational Awareness Talks

All talks are 60-90 minutes and may be delivered in person or remotely.

  • Introduction to the @Work Experience Framework
    • Obtain an understanding of how an organization can better support women and a diverse work force
  • Build Success through Team Onboarding
    • An Examination of the Team Onboarding Checklist
  • The Valuing And Jerk Project: Examing the interpersonal dynamics in your organization
    • Explore workplace interactions to identify specific behaviors which create or undermine the experience of connection and value
  • The Critque
    • Gain insight into organizational critque processes & feedback

Workshop Services

Interactive & Facilitated Workshops

For any talk, add a 1-2 hour workshop for 10-25 people.

  • Workshops may be run with individual teams or representatives from across the organizations. We work with you to define who will participate which helps us tailor the exercises to your needs.
  • Introductory Talk
  • Exercise, Experience Sharing, & Dialogue
  • Identify Changes & Alterations
  • Commit to a change


Need a Personalized Solution? We Can Help

Let us design a custom service to help you retain your women in tech and improve the daily work for all team members.

Examples (and more) include:

  • Understand your @Work Experience
    • Contexual Design Techniques
  • Team Onboarding
    • Managerial Coaching & Onboarding
  • Improve Interpersonal Dynamics
    • Team Dynamic Observation, Growth Plans, & Restructure Processes
  • Assess what processes to redesign
    • Analysis Matrix & Plan of Action 

Let us know how we can help!

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