Does everyone work well together at your company? Do your teams, meetings and interpersonal interactions run smoothly? Or are women (or anyone) experiencing devalue, conflict, bullying and a feeling of alienation.  This study shows that the more women experience stereotyping and bullying, the sooner they leave a company.

50% of women in our survey report feeling invisible

Our Framework of what women need to thrive point us to the areas of work life they need to work on.  Smooth working between preople and within teams is at the root of a positive work experience across the factors. So we created the Team Intervention Op. This work creates everyday tools, processes, and practices that improve how people work together. Each technique targets one aspect of working with others. We invite managers and teams to try them out and tell us the results. See some techniques here:

These techniques that have been used and proven over 30 years of working with product teams. Our philosophy focuses on changing principles and practices – not personalities. We have learned that if we introduce structure and clear expectations into work practice, people’s behavior will change.

Learn how to Create Dynamic, Valuing Teams in your organization. 

Volunteer Opportunity:  We need product teams and companies  to try out our techniques so we can all learn and improve. Sign up to volunteer your team to be part of the Living Lab for Team Techniques.

Collaborating Colleagues: Thanks to my students for trying out these techniques and to all the teams we coached at InContext for helping us learn the best techniques for working meeting.

Next Steps: Once we hone these techniques we will create Team Technique Cards to remind you of good practices. We have about talks and workshops now. Contact us.

Donate: Please support our work by volunteering your team or company. We also need funds for travel to conferences to spread the word and produce the Technique Cards. Please help us make a difference.

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