I hope all of you are well, safe, and successfully working remotely! I’ve certainly learned that I can indeed give keynotes, coach teams, and teach workshops successfully while remote. Catch my talk at the UXY’all conference! Remote is the watchword of today’s work life. So, we are launching a new “Op” (project) to understand the impact of remote work on diverse teams. See details below.

But first—resources are available!

Resources for you to try. I’m excited to announce that through our deep research into the experiences that help women in tech thrive, we have developed proven interventions that you can now use. Each intervention targets a different aspect of the daily work experience to help you retain and ensure the success of women in technology. Tell us how they work!

  • The Valuing and Jerk Posters introduce the Honorables and the Jerks we routinely meet in a technology work environment. Our research discovered 6 key clusters of valuing behaviors that managers and teams should try to increase. And 6 key clusters of jerk behavior that we should work to eliminate. See this video introduction to our wonderful characters and learn how to use them for awareness and discussion here.
  • The Batman Jar is another process we developed from The Valuing and Jerk Project to help you collect issues that may be getting in the way of the team and help improve your interactions and processes. Try it remotely and later in person.
  • The Career Power Board Game helps professionals in technology discuss real work challenges while having fun. Play it with friends, colleagues, or a working team. It’s not virtual yet but get a game and use the cases to stimulate discussion now!

Try these techniques on your own or reach out for help. We offer remote coaching to help you improve the success of your diverse teams.

Remote Work Project. The Pandemic has led to a work/life revolution. People are successfully working remotely, and companies are changing their plans for how employees will work in the future. So, we need to learn how remote work may change the overall work experience for women in tech and other underrepresented populations. We are starting with field research to help frame the issues. We are looking for developers, UX, design, managers, and product management of any gender between 25-45 years old. We expect preliminary findings in Q1 2021.

Please help us find folks to interview. Volunteer yourself or use your network to send people here to complete a screening survey and sign up. Thanks!

Stay safe


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