“Jerk” Livestream on January 9, 2020!

Join us live on YouTube on January 9th at 10:00am Pacific/1:00pm Eastern to talk about our research into “Jerk” behavior and strategies for coping with it.

WITOps at Grace Hopper Oct 2nd, 2019!

Karen Holtzblatt and Carol Farnsworth will be presenting “Best Practices in Critique: How HCI Professionals Can Improve the Culture for Women in Tech” on October 2nd.

Fall 2019 WITOps Livestream!

We’re currently deciding on a date to do a livestream about our Jerk Project – how to combat bad behavior in the workplace. We will present this as a livestream on Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

Jerk Behavior

Jerk Behavior

Women often state, and our research confirms, that women don’t feel valued or heard. They say that men, managers, or teammates are “bro’s” or “jerks”. But what does this mean?