WITOps at Grace Hopper Oct 2nd, 2019!

Karen Holtzblatt and Carol Farnsworth will be presenting “Best Practices in Critique: How HCI Professionals Can Improve the Culture for Women in Tech” on October 2nd.

Fall 2019 WITOps Livestream!

We’re currently deciding on a date to do a livestream about our Jerk Project – how to combat bad behavior in the workplace. We will present this as a livestream on Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

April 21-26, 2018 CHI 2018 ConferenceSIG and Late-Breaking Work

Karen is co-presenting the “Designathon to Support Women in Tech” SIG and co-authoring a late-breaking work, “How Do HCI Professionals Perceive Their Work Experience”.

May 14, 2018 Karen Delivering Keynote at Gender and IT Conference

Karen is delighted to be the keynote speaker at the GEWINN Gender and IT conference in Heilbronn, Germany.

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Women in technology leave the industry at a higher rate than any other profession.
At WITops we conduct deep research into what women love about work and what they don’t. Then we use our research-driven framework and best-practice interventions to achieve better retention and work life culture for women in technology.

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Career Power: The Board Game

Career Power: The Board Game

Discuss real work challenges with colleagues and friends while having fun. Try it for on-boarding. Order Now

Research: Onboarding

Research: Onboarding

The first step in helping women thrive is making sure they are set up for success starting on day one. Volunteer to try our Team Onboarding Checklist.

Interventions: Making Teams Work

Interventions: Making Teams Work

Our team techniques help to minimize conflict, bias and interpersonal friction. Volunteer your team to be part of the Living Lab. Try out and co-invent best practices.

The @Work Experience Measure

The @Work Experience Measure

Woman “thinking of leaving” the company score lower across all factors. Contact us to try the measure in your company.

How to Help

Partner with Us! We partner with individuals, organizations, universities, and companies that are dedicated to and passionate about helping women in technology thrive. Volunteer your time or donate to support our initiatives. 

Volunteer Call: Enlist your team to try out our team techniques designed to reduce bias, bullying, and conflict between team members?  Sign up to be contacted.

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