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Women in technology leave the industry at a higher rate than any other profession.
At WITops we conduct deep research into what women love about work and what they don’t. Then we use our research-driven framework and best-practice interventions to achieve better retention and work life culture for women in technology.

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Remote Work Project

We know from previous research that remote work can improve interactions for women – but we also know that existing bias will still impact work assignment, interactions, and perception of value. Does this new work context increase or decrease stereotyping, harassment, and coaching support? How does a remote work culture change the way co-workers interact? What are the best techniques for managing remote diverse teams?

The Valuing and Jerk Project

Women often state, and our research confirms, that women don’t feel valued or heard. They say that men, managers, or teammates are “bro’s” or “jerks”. But what does this mean?

Onboarding Checklist

Team Onboarding: The first step in helping women thrive is making sure they are set up for success starting on day one. The Team Onboarding Checklist has been tried by managers across multiple companies. We will roll it out along with services in April 2020.

The @Work Experience Measure

Woman “thinking of leaving” the company score lower across all factors. Contact us to try the measure in your company.

Interventions: Making Teams Work

Our team techniques help to minimize conflict, bias and interpersonal friction. Volunteer your team to be part of the Living Lab. Try out and co-invent best practices.

Career Power: The Board Game

Discuss real work challenges with colleagues and friends while having fun. Try it for on-boarding. Order Now

The Team Onboarding Checklist

This Team Onboarding Checklist is based that research with managers and new hires working in a wide variety of companies. Armed with what works and doesn’t for new hires, we created the Team Onboarding Checklist to help managers plan for new hire success.

Sneak Attacks on Key Processes: Agile

Help Make Change

Partner with Us! We partner with individuals, organizations, universities, and companies that are dedicated to and passionate about helping women in technology thrive. Volunteer your time or donate to support our initiatives. 

Ask about our Services.  We deliver talks, workshops, and coaching to help your organization raise awareness and create practices to retain women in technology. See our services and sign up to be contacted.

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