Thirty years after the computer revolution, many are asking, “Why are women leaving tech careers?” and “Why do they not choose science and technology fields as a career choice to begin with?” Here at InContext Design, we are applying our Contextual Inquiry technique to gather deep ethnographic data on the this subject from real design teams at actual companies to capture the workplace dynamics. In the webinar, Karen Holtzblatt will uses her research into the culture of product design teams, and answer, “What are the keys to retaining women in technology teams?”

In the webinar below, Karen presents early findings from her interviews of about 20 different women across different companies.  However, we are also looking for people who would like to help us with this research to expand it.  We need people to:

  • Be interviewed at your company or organization
  • Administer a survey at your company or organization
  • Perform interviews
  • Help consolidate data alongside Karen Holtzblatt in select cities
  • Run statistics on survey data

If you would like to volunteer for the study, click here to sign up.

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