Talks and Workshops: Invite Karen to come inspire your organization.

Topics: (I have to check titles)

  • Retaining Women in Tech once they are in the door: Key factors women need to thrive
  • Team Onboarding: How to ensure women and everyone get a good start.
  • Valuing and Jerk Behavior: What is it and how can behavior be managed in your group?
  • Team Techniques: Building and managing diverse teams
  • Surviving and Thriving at work: Success factors for success in the workplace
    • Includes the Career Power Boardgame

Talks: 1-2 hours

Workshops: half or whole days

Talk to us about custom talks and workshops

Research Project: Understand your organization. Do you know how you are doing with the factors that matter to women and other underrepresented populations? Or anyone on your teams, managing people, across different job roles? We work with you to develop a custom project to give you insight and interventions to try.

The WITops team and Karen Holtzblatt interviews key people and administers the @Work Experience Measure to identify  your issues and determine what is working and what needs work. We gather the data, organize the findings and deliver a slideshow of results. Then using the data we lead your team in a visioning session to generate ideas to try to improve your organization.

Consulting: The WITops team and Karen Holtzblatt review your practices and offer suggestions. Karen may work directly with a challenged manager or team – or teams and managers who want to try improve how they are doing.

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