The Remote Work Project

Tech companies have been working remotely for years. Research on remote work exists but most is on co-located teams working remotely with other co-located teams. This is not the remote work of today. Over the pandemic we have been working alone, isolated from our co-workers except through our tools. Granted we have new and better remote work tools and video. But what is the impact on daily work, the experience of team, and how we run ourselves? What is the effect on women, underrepresented co-workers, and diverse teams?

The Remote Work Project asked these questions. We uncovered people’s experience, what works and what doesn’t. If we are reinventing the culture of work in the tech industry let’s examine what we have learned. Here we share the findings of our qualitative research. 

Seminar Materials

Here is the slide deck and worksheets for the presentation.

The Remote Work Project (Title Slide)


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