The Team Onboarding Checklist

This Team Onboarding Checklist is based that research with managers and new hires working in a wide variety of companies. Armed with what works and doesn’t for new hires, we created the Team Onboarding Checklist to help managers plan for new hire success.

Live Presentation 10/15 12:30p on the The Valuing & Jerk Project

In this talk Karen shares the research and some of the interventions to identify the explicit behaviors which create or undermine the experience of connection and value in the workplace. Field research identified 15 key valuing and 15 key “jerk” behaviors.

The Valuing and Jerk Posters

These fabulous Character Posters will help you get started. We have six Honorable characters and six Jerk characters. You can get them individually or as a combined poster.  Use the posters to guide conversations about how you want to interact as a team! Find the behaviors you need to work on in yourself. Let’s be more encouraging!